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The Simplest Booking Ever

LAX Limo is proud to put in front of you, our valued customer, our easy to use App, making a booking and managing your reservations more convenient than ever. Get the App on Google play or App Store for free, and enjoy our beautifully designed, feature packed, user friendly app to make an instant real time booking easier than ever before.
Your next limo booking is now at the tip of your fingers and it goes without saying that our team of experts will plan and execute a seamless ride! Coupled with our 24hours a day, 365 days a year dedicated customer care, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.


No Hidden Fees

Probably one of the best-loved features of this app from the user’s perspective is the transparency and control it gives.
You’ll love this convenient little tool as it leaves no room for uncertainty when it comes to your pocket. Pin point the location of your choice and the rates will be displayed instantly. The rates displayed are live and when you settle on the rate, you can rest assured that it is exactly what you’re paying at the end of your ride. There are no hidden fees. No extras, no additional charges, just the fee you have agreed on when you confirmed your ride.


All The Features You Need

Our app has all the features that you’d expect to make the booking process a breeze.
  • Pick up at current location – the app already knows where you are.
  • The displayed rates are live, and what you see is what you are charged.
  • Easy account set up and management. Enter your preferred payment option, passenger name(s) and it remains stored.
  • All past and future rides are saved so you can always see where you’ve travelled and view all your pending reservations.
  • Easy location search – as soon as you start to type the results are displayed.
Download The App: app-store google-play